Old house resources.

Kansas City History

The Jackson County Historical Society, 816-461-1897.  The JCHS has large archives and will research the history of Jackson county homes for a nominal fee.  The Society also gives local presentations on how to research the history of your home.

Kansas City 1940’s Tax Assessment Photographs - Thousands of homes and businesses were photographed throughout Kansas City before WWII as part of the city’s tax assessment.  This resource enables you to view the collection and download photographs of these structures.  Some of the images have been lost over the years and are not available.

Home Renovation and Restoration

Dave Hardin, 816-739-4498, has a wealth of experience and expertise in renovations of bungalows and other older homes, specializing in counters and backsplashes.  

R.A.R.E. Construction, 816-931-6171/913-515-7436, raeandrose@kc.rr.com. R.A.R.E. has renovated many older homes in the Brookside Area.

Housenumbertiles, 612-821-8825.  Company creates - of course - decorative house number tiles in handmade tile.

Innovative Design and Renovation, 2 West 52nd Street, Kansas City, MO, 64112.  816-531-2221.  Darryl W. Hawkins, AIA, CBO, NCARB, SAME, specializes in historic, entertainment, retail and commercial architectural design.   

Craftsmen Hardware and Lighting, Marceline, Missouri, 660-376-2481.  Extensive collection of Arts and Crafts hardware and lighting, just two hours north of Kansas City.

Foundation Architectural Reclamation, 1221 Union Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, 64101.  816-283-8990.  Located in Kansas City's historic West Bottoms, Foundation brings architectural treasures, salvaged building materials, and reuse services to homeowners who are interested in preserving and adding architectural interest to their homes.  They offer products, services and sourcing capabilities, and they host free workshops and seminars designed to inform, inspire and show people how to incorporate architectural treasures into their homes.

M.L. Herman & Company, 816-506-7746.  Restorer and remodeler Marion Herman helped restore a bungalow at 5320 Brookside Boulevard in 2005.

Affolter Installations, 816-363-1180 (home)/816-916-6603 (cell).  Owner Jim Affolter has done extensive carpentry, tile, foundation work, rehab and rebuild work, etc.

Habitat ReStore - great source for inexpensive, recycled building products and a great way to recycle your own cast-off renovation items - keep them out of the landfill!

The Country

Club Plaza

Kansas City, MO

Edward Buehler Delk


Celebrating all of Kansas City’s early architectural heritage.

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